Intro to Visual Design - October 31st & November 14th

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In 2 Saturday you'll learn everything about visual design.

Have you always wanted to become a (better) designer? This course teaches you all the basics of visual design, which means you'll have a great foundation to head into Web/UI (User Interface) Design, Brand Design or Graphic Design from here. You'll learn everything you need to know about logo design, colors, the design process, typography and designing for brands.


No prior knowledge of design needed.

In two Saturdays you’ll get familiair with all the ins and outs while working on your own creative project. We teach in small groups and wil make sure our courses are safe and adhering to the Dutch Covid-19 Guidelines.

This course is spread over two Saturdays with one week in between, in which you will work on your own project and the assignment you’ll get. After the course ends you’ll get 20 minutes of 1:1 online time with your teacher in case you have some more questions (valid for two months). You will also get the opportunity to become part of The Cool Community (Facebook Group) where young, aspiring and talented creatives help each other out.

You’ll need your own laptop (Mac or Windows) with Keynote, Powerpoint or Google Slides installed.

This course is for beginners, no former knowledge or skills required.
Courses are in English, but there is the possibility to ask questions in Dutch.

Saturday October 31st & November 14th from 10:00 until 15:00 at The Student Hotel West.


  • 1st Saturday: Introduction to Visual Design part 1 at The Student Hotel from 10:00 - 15:00  (including lunch)
  • Inbetween week: Work on your own creative project and the assignments you’ll be given.
  • 2nd Saturday: Introduction to Visual Design part 2 part 2 at The Student Hotel from 10:00 - 15:00  (including lunch)
  • After the course: Become part of The Cool Community and use the 1:1 online consult with your teacher in case you need to know more.

This course is taught by Beau Colin
You can read more about Beau, founder of The Cool School, on our The Cool Team page.

Good to know:
This course will be rescheduled or cancelled if less than 4 people book a spot. This rarely happens but either way good to mention. If a course is rescheduled and you can't make, you'll get a full refund. If a course is cancelled you'll also get a full refund.

What's next:
You'll receive an invite to Basecamp shortly before the first class. We'll use this platform to ask questions and to post recaps and tutorials

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What if the Covid-19 Situation changes?
In case we can’t get together in real life this course will be rescheduled. If you can’t make it one the rescheduled dates, or if the rescheduled have to be cancelled again you’ll get a full refund.